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About the Artist and her Mosaics

 My initial interest in 3D mosaics started some years ago at West Dean College, where a workshop showcased the wide range of colourful mosaic pieces used to create exciting surfaces on 3D forms.  Since my retirement from teaching Art  I have been able to develop both this enthusiasm and my skills. Every pot is handmade and unique.

Mara in studio

On terracotta plant pots, dishes, planters and window boxes I create exciting, colourful mosaic surfaces to cover them. Each one is unique as I don't repeat designs.  The mosaic pieces I use include ceramic and glass tiles, mirrors, buttons and beads, glass nuggets and broken crockery gleaned from charity shops and car boot sales.

My inspiration for each piece may be a dramatic colour combination, the garden I work in, interesting patterns and text found on old crockery or a request by someone looking for something in particular for a space in their own garden, patio or conservatory. I undertake many private commissions for both 2D and 3D mosaics.

Having initially filled my own garden with them and given them away as gifts, I now sell my pots to allow others to enjoy them and fund further projects.  Some regular customers have even started to collect them - brilliant!





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