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Gallery 1 - Pots

Images and close-ups of some of the pots I've made.

Please check website page to see pots that are currently for immediate sale.

selection of pots 2      selection of pots      selection of pots 3

                            Pots on display at one of the indoor craft markets I sell at

Pot 6 April 11

                       Pot 8e                           Pot 2 Mar 11                 

Fragments of a dramatic mauve                            A large chimney pot formed the base                        A vision in blues  -  one of my own

 and purple plate provided the initial                     of this planter. Related colour schemes                      favourite colour schemes.  I

impetus for this large pot.                                       were used for sections around it so                            particularly liked the triangular

Small letter tiles spelled out the                              that it can be turned to give  a                                      pieces and the use of mirrors to

birthday message as it was made                         different appearance.         60cm high                         catch the sunlight.    15cm high

as a gift for a friend.      22 cm high                                                             



pot 10 front                      matching blue pots                   pot 4                

Three smaller pots here. This first                              Small blue and white and pots with flower.                      Another favourite colour scheme of blue

one is multi-cloured and random on                            motif.                                                                                   and deep red. The pattern is repeated

the main body of the pot, with a                                                                                                                               all around the pot so, unlike the others

repeating pattern of glass and                                                                                                                                  pictured, it looks the same from any

mirror around the rim.    12cm high                                                                                                                           direction.         18cm high   


                                more june 001     more june 002    more june 003  

                                     Believe it or not these are three views of the same pot!    I call it my "3-way pot" and the idea is that you can rotate

                                     it  to either match the plant in it or just ring the changes.  Loads of big plate fragments used in this one as it's quite large.

  red and blue pot - text    red and blue pot - flower       narrow garden pot 1      narrow garden pot 2                        

   Two sides of one red and blue pot.      'Front' flower motif includes text            Narrow 18cm pot based on a 'garden' theme

about friendship.  18cm high                                                                                     with foliage, flowers and sky.

 red 001  red 003           crockery pot

 Private commission. Large red and cream plant pot for a                                         Crockery  pot. Body mosaic                                               conservatory.                                                                                                                 made entirely of crockery fragments.      

Rainbow pot                orange pot                   today 001           

Rainbow pot. Multi-coloured swirls.                              Red and orange pot.     15cm high.                              One of my favourite colour schemes -                                     

20 cm high.                                                                     Lots of pottery fragments in this one.                            despite it being perfect for a Pompey-                               

                                                                                                                                                                                    supporting friend!                                                                                                                                                                                             

   sale pot 5f    sale pot 5b       new 003      calendar pot           

      Very large pot.  28cm high.  Garden theme of flowers, foliage, sky                                  Large pot in pastel colours                      A calendar pot with names of                                                                                               and earth. Mirrored rim to reflect sunlight.     28cm high                                                          19cm high.                                                  months around rim and dates


blue narrow pot    crockery pot    complementary colours      medium black and white crystal pot Xmas       

A medium-sized narrow blue pot           Two contrasting pots here:  The first one is made almost entirely of crockery fragments         Small black and white pot  

with  glass under rim.   15cm high           The second contains none - only bought materials. Most of my pots are made up of a           with crystals


calendar pot      random pot      tall pot 1     gold pot 

My 'calendar pot' - based on lots  of        Two  multi-coloured pots using fragments of crockery and bought pieces.                        Gold 'n glitter!                                        

  fragments of an old plate with names

  of months and calendar  sheets

 August pots     tues 002    pansy pot

Two summer pots in contrasting shapes and colour                                  Monochrome pots in a range of sizes.                                             Pansy Pot

combinations - one tall (20cm) and vibrant, one traditional plant

pot (18cm)  in pale colours.

Poppy pot                      Christmas pots Oct                    green pot           

Green and red pot based on a large                           Similar colour scheme with holly berry rim.                       Green pot based on a cracked

poppy plate bought in a Whitby second                                                                                                                      'cabbage' plate found in a charity 

hand shop.    18cm high.                                                                                                                                                shop.    


pale pot           budgie 002                   fossil black and white pot

A large pot 18cm high made up almost             At a car boot sale I bought some plates and then saw              Black and white large pot that  features

entirely of pale crockery fragments                    the old plaster budgie. A bargain at 10p...and then the             a real fossil as part of the design.

                                                                               stallholder gave me another one free!    

Jubilee pot 1                 sat 009              large narrow pot in purple and turqouise

Jubilee pot 2012. The crockery pieces in                            Matching black and white pot                           Purple and blue large pot with

this one came from a 35 yr old Silver Jubilee                      and dish.     Commission.                                 irridescent squares round rim 

plate - a perfect opportunity to update!                                                                                                              and base.

mon 003     para 020    para 021

 Gold pot with a starting point                An Olympics pot inspired by the sporting events of summer

of the unusual long glass                        2012.  Patriotic red, white and blue with gold/silver and bronze

nuggets round the rim.                           glitter tiles and London novelties and clock faces.



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