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Gallery 2 - Planters & Window Boxes

brown windowbox 1  brown windowbox 3     brown windowbox 2

A small window box.  33cm long and 12cm deep. Natural colour scheme of browns and greens.

Flower motifs on front and back made up of pottery fragments.    Identical ends.

whyke lane window box 1   whyke lane window box 2   whyke lane window box 3

Large window box with matching rim on three sides and different backing against window.

64cm long and 20cm wide.


multi-coloured window box      window box 2 March 2012

Large multi-coloured window boxes.    All four sides mosaic.      42cm by 12cm



garden window box         house window box 6

Two window boxes, one in blues and greys and one multi-coloured.  

 If back is to be viewed through window from inside, and the window ledge is wide enough, all 4 sides are decorated.

  Left -  grey grout     62cm long x 20cm wide.                           Right - blue grout    64cm long x 20cm wide


green window box 1           green window box 2


Pot 8 close-up 6            Pot 8b              Pot 8e                    


Close-up and 3 views of the large chimney pot planter.

Very little of the pot is random as  most of it is in swirls of related colours, giving a very

different appearance from each direction. The pot was commissioned for a local school's

new sensory garden.            60cm high                                                                                                      


small window box front   small window box end      small window box back

                                                    Small window box. 33cm long x 12cm wide.    

       Front - includes text about friendship.          Ends identical.           Rear - butterfly motif.


housefront 2                     planter grouted

Window box and two wall planters made from corner roof tiles.   random colours  but matched

using blue grout.

Poppy window box    poppy pot and window box

Green and red matching window box and pot featuring pieces of a poppy plate.                             

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