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Gallery 3 - Commissions and Projects

In addition to making pots for general sale, I am more than happy to accept commissions for specific requirements and/or gifts.  

Individual projects are discussed and a price and collection date agreed, based on the amount and cost of materials needed and the time that will be needed to complete it.

You decide - the size and shape, colour scheme, message and/or names to be incorporated etc. 

'Four Seasons'  street planter.

seasons 002   seasons 003   seasons 007   seasons 008

            spring                                  autumn                                    summer                                      winter

At the intersection of two roads in our neighbourhood is a council, black plastic, large cuboid planter that local residents

maintain.  One of them suggested that a mosaic insert on the front of it would make it more attractive and unique.

From that came the idea of one insert on each side, representing the seasons of the year.  Incorporated into each were the 

initials of residents who have died, at the request of their relatives still ion the street.

whyke lane 001       whyke lane 003      whyke lane 006


coal bunker 5       coal bunker 6    coal bunker from lounge

An old concrete coal bunker in the garden transformed over a week into a glittering, colourful artefact!  Decorative glass nuggets not only add to the decoration but also keep the bases of pots off the surface to allow drainage.  Maybe you have a stone bird bath or water feature that would benefit from a similar makeover?    

picnic 006             picnic 009

Matching large window box (16cm long) and birdbath for a garden patio.

fish installed 3  fish installed

A privately-commissioned fish mosaic for a new bathroom. This large piece took 27 hours to complete and measures  85cm by 45cm.

Lots of glass and mirrors ensure a sparkle from window daylight or artificial lighting.

fish2 003    fish2 001     fish2 002

Three close-ups of the mosaic showing how layered pieces of broken plates represent fins on the fish and the

effect of introducing a contrasting  colour - red - to "lift" the colour scheme of predominantly blue.

aaa 006      aaa 013      aaa 011

An unusual request and project but one that proved very enjoyabe and successful:  A visitor to my Art Trail studio wanted

the fireplace surround in her new seaside home to be a focus of the lounge with a mosaic of pastel beach colours and shells.

Hopefully the dated centrepiece will remind her of a happy couple of days and a new beginning.


commissions 002      commissions 001          turquoise pot and dish

Large plant pots and pot/dish set commissioned  for friends and family in favourite colour schemes.



Three window boxes for adjacent outdoor windows.

The middle one has a central green design based on a tree to reflect the house name and is slightly taller.

The matching side ones have a blue circle as the central design.  All 60cm long.

fri 003      fri 002     fri 004



red 002      red 001

Private commission for a wedding anniversary present.

.  Red and cream large plant pot for conservatory. The mosaic includes four hand-painted

ceramic buttons bought at the V&A museum in their William Morris collection

                     bird bath 2                        bird bath bowl

An experiment!   I bought a cheap cream 'shabby chic' metal bird bath at an outdoor market and  took it home to paint it

black and then fill the bowl with mosaic treasures.   A ring of sky blue sparkle completes it.     The birds love it!

wedding pot 1

             wedding pot 6             wedding pot 7



Pots created for a special occasion provide a unique gift. This one was made to celebrate a

good friend's wedding.The overall look is one of random multi-colours but within the design are

visual references to places we've travelled to, the happy couple and wedding date and even the

groom's following of Pompey!    A real labour of love.   I'm good at football team colours and logos!


green window box 1       green window box 2

A medium sized window box in greens and a touch of purple, commissioned for a Christmas

present for a mum.


family pot 1       family pot 2          Jens pot 1

Personalised pots for gifts for family members - names, messages, favourite colour schemes can be incorporated.

blue table         blue table top      blue table signature

My first attempt at renewing a table top!  This beautiful old iron table had a broken surface of cream tile and blue flowered tile. I scraped the top off, preserving as many fragments of the original cover as possible to scrub clean and dry.

The top was then re-constructed with the old bits to provide a link with the table's history (see photo right), glass nuggets to form a raised rim, new crockery fragements, mirrors, beads, ceramic tiles and gold mirror.  Hopefully it will now grace a garden for many years to come, having been given a new lease of life.


square green pot 2          New home pot        new home pot 2

Commissioned large square green pot for                      I was asked to make this large white pot for a housewarming gift.

a birthday gift.                                                                     A message and the names of family members are incorporated

                                                                                            into the design.

garden tray              mon 001  mon 002

A rectangular tray with mosaic based on the garden                      A large beautiful blue pot commissioned for 

outside my shed window in the summer. 30cm x 60cm                a birthday present. Jan 2013


pot collection 2     

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